Thursday, December 20, 2007

Jennifer's Stockings

I'm afraid I live in a keepsake-free world. My parents and grandparents have not seen fit to pass anything down to me save varying degrees of love and disappointment, and a rickety compliment of genes. A large square jaw for example, has been handed down the male side of my family like a slab of beef for three generations. I keep it fenced off behind a beard, where it cannot harm people.

Jennifer was a woman I met in the year before I left the country. She was tall, almost matching me for height in her heels. She had a funny way of walking: a defensive strut that reversed the usual tits-out/tummy-in/ass-out elongated 'S' of walking womanhood. Jennifer would fold her shoulders around the front of her rib-cage - hiding her breasts, and then lean way back, cantilevering her pelvis forward and scrunching her butt away into nothing. Her chin she would bury into the hollow of her throat; her eyes tucked away behind double fortress walls of fringe and brow. When she walked, if you were squinting from a distance, you'd be reminded of a heron poised to strike.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

An End to Evolution.

I think quite frankly, that I'm sick of hearing the word "evolution". It's such a fucking hooker of a word - every Tom, Dick and Hitler has co-opted it at some point.

To my mind, Darwin, or at least misunderstandings and misapplications of his ideas both in the social and eugenic arenas, have caused more deaths in the past century than the atom bomb.

At the very least, the term evolution has become so ingrained with anthropomorphic overtones that I think in the grubby little mind of your average secular humanist, it has simply jumped into the hole left by the absence of God. Chop off God's beard, blind him and make him a little more slimy - ├ęt voila - hello Captain Evolution.


Progress and Invention.

Truly, nothing mankind has achieved in the span they have existed, can be classed as new. Newness, true originality, is impossible to the conscious seeker. It is impossible to create something that bears no relation to anything that has gone before, from material already extant. It is impossible to have an idea that bears no relation to anything already imagined. Originality, in its pure form, cannot exist.

Try it if you don't believe me. Do this simple thing for me: Remember something. Right now.

Did you draw a blank..? I did - without any prompt to spur a particular memory, there are no memories.

Now, try think of something that is truly unrelated to anything you have previously experienced....Continued...